Why cyber security is so important

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With more attacks on the rise each day, it's important to understand why we need more cyber security measures.
Why cyber security is important

Have you read or watched the news lately? It seems every day some big company loses our data or one of our friends fall victim to ransomware. The simple reason why cyber security is so important today is due to the alarmingly increasing chances of becoming a victim. 

3 Reasons why cyber security is so important.

Spending on cyber security is to exceed 1 trillion dollars over the next four years from 2017-2021. This will cause over 3.5 million jobs that may go unfilled in the cyber sector. Who cares? You should. Cybercrime is the fastest-growing type of crime in the United States with ransomware to cost more than 5 billion dollars in 2017 alone!

As you can see, the facts don’t lie. Cybercrime is on the rise and consumers like you are the target. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent a digital nightmare.

What can a hacker do to me?

Most times, it involves a person with malicious intent trying to gain control of your electronic devices. When this happens, they can record your keystrokes and find out your passwords, personal and financial information. Alternatively, they can infect you with ransomware and demand money to unlock your precious photos or files.

Once an attacker has their hands on your identity, there is little you can do to stop the torrent of headaches that follow. You may discover that they’ve opened credit cards or gotten medical treatments in your name and now you are stuck with the bill. Even worse, they may steal your tax refund or make claims on your social security number.

That’s the reason why cyber security is so important

It’s not just your computer that’s at risk- it’s your whole life; email, social media accounts, bank accounts, taxes, and personal information. Many people think that they are too insignificant to become a target or they do not have enough money to become a victim. The fact is that hacker’s don’t discriminate and they will go after any target they can find, including you.

The reason cyber security is important may differ from person to person. Some people may feel like they have nothing to lose, while others may worry about the financial safety of their children or family.

 3 reasons hackers have such an easy time:

Get on the password manager boat– It’s time to beef up your passwords and stop reusing them just so you can remember it. This is the single most important thing you can do to help protect your identity online.
Stop using important dates and names.

Check links before you click– Clicking on a link is no longer acceptable, you must verify that the link you are about to click goes to where you think it will. There are several plugins for your web browser that do this for you. Find a “Link Checker” that is compatible with your browser such as DrWebb  (all browsers).
Malicious links make you self-infect your device.

Scan files before you open them– No matter where you get your file from, scan it with your anti-malware software BEFORE you open it. Remember that any kind of file can be malicious even pictures!
Receiving pictures of a friend’s wedding? Scan before you open a single one!

Whether or not you know a lot about computers, these tips will help protect you against many types of cyber crime.
Be sure to check out our 4 part guide on cyber security for beginners here.





Matt Crosby

Matt Crosby

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