Virus Link Scanner- What is it?

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A virus link scanner looks at the links before you click them, informing you of danger before you click.
Virus Link Scanner

Virus Link Scanner- What is it?

You may feel you don’t have any reason to use a virus link scanner but here are some of the reasons why you need to get one today. Virus link scanners are also known as auto link scanner, broken link scanner, or website link scanner. 

Link scanners check links before you click on them in order to prevent you from a potential hijack.

Web links aren’t always as harmless as they appear. They look normal like or These are valid links and each takes you to a website, however, we don’t know where that link will take us.
Attackers do this so you will click on a fake advertisement which causes your system to be compromised.

When a friend’s email is hijacked, hackers send fake emails trying to trick you into clicking a link coming from a trusted friend. A link checker will help with bad email links and help protect you from them.

Not only will a virus link scanner help reduce your risk potential, but it will also help you copy and share links securely with friends too.

Things to watch out for that should cause a red flag:

Renamed Links
when the words don’t match the destination. Hover over this link to see redirects to

Lots of random characters can be a signal that a link isn’t such a good idea to click.

Unsolicited email links
when a friend or company sends you a strange email request that seems out of character.

These are the news story titles that are likely to lead to spam or illegitimate websites. Titles like “You won’t believe these 5 tricks..” are typically click bait.

Is a malicious link dangerous? What happens when I click on a malicious link?

When you click on a malicious link you should disconnect from the internet and run your antivirus software. There are many kinds of links to look for; malicious Facebook links, malicious email links, malicious website links.

When you click a malicious link, your system becomes infected and the only defense is to scan your system. This is why you need a virus link scanner now.

Where can I find a virus link scanner?

Many antivirus programs come with one built-in when you pay for a subscription such as AVG internet security.

Other options include:
DrWebb link checker  (all browsers).
URLVoid is a popular web service that will scan a link against several databases and determine if it is safe.

Now that I have this Virus Link Scanner, am I bulletproof?

Unfortunately, no one can be 100% secure. Hackers invent new ways to get around existing protections every day. Only when you combine various solutions you have a much better shield and it’s likely that an attacker will move on to someone else.

Please check out our cyber security tutorial for beginners for more information

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