Better Online Habits

1. What it is

What is proxy?

What is a proxy?
When you use a proxy, data is sent to a third party server which acts as a layer of privacy.

The places you go to on the internet will appear to be originating from the third party server’s location instead of your device, which adds a layer of privacy.

A proxy redirects specific types of data such as only in your browser making you appear to be someplace else in the world.


what is vpn
What is a VPN?

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Unlike a proxy, VPN encrypts (scrambles) all of your data including your browser, email, and any other application you use on your device.

Encryption means that your data gets scrambled so it’s hard to read.

What is the difference?
Proxy redirects (but does not encrypt) browser data such as chrome or safari.

VPN redirects and encrypts all internet data such as email, chat, browser, and other applications.

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2. Who it's for


who is proxy for
Who is a proxy for?

Since a proxy only redirects browser data without encrypting it, this choice will be better if you are transferring lots of data. A proxy can be more complex to set up.

A proxy is for protecting specific types of data such as your browser only. 


who vpn is for

Who is a VPN for?

VPN ensures all data is protected and provides a level of security and privacy. It is many times easier to set up. Some VPN companies also offer a proxy as part of the paid subscription service.

A VPN is for having better privacy and protection with all of your internet data.

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3. Why & When

why use proxy

Why would I use a proxy?


  • Enjoy the same speed you’re used to.
  • Adds a layer of privacy.
  • Hide your location and IP address.


  • Third parties can track you.
  • No encryption.

When would I use a proxy?

A proxy is important only if speed is the determining factor. Use this option if you are transferring large amounts of data and want to hide your location but not be completely anonymous.


why use vpn
Why would I use a VPN?


  • Encrypt all internet data on your device.
  • Blocks malware, ads, and trackers.
    Better security protection vs proxy.


  • May notice reduced internet speed.


When would I use a VPN?

You will want to use a VPN when security and privacy are the determining factors. Do this if you want a high degree of security, ad blocking, and malware blocking features.
VPN is a superior option when it comes to being secure.

Use your VPN while:

  • On public networks
  • Browsing online
  • Banking online
  • Shopping online


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4. Where & How

Where to get:

For this tutorial we will only go over VPN

Tunnel Bear- Best free VPN

500 mb free


Private Interet Access- Best paid VPN.

Now, it’s time to set up your VPN software.

You will need the following things;

1. Download and install either the free or paid option.

This step is easy, just follow our link to the download page above.

2. You only need you to get your login from the welcome email and put it into the login prompt.

3. Anytime you go online, launch your VPN first!



Great Work!

Now you’re all setup with a password manager, antimalware software, browser security and a VPN!

Last we will help you set up a backup account.

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