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1. What it is

what is a password manager

What is a password manager?

Password managers were created to help fix the problem of reusing passwords on many accounts. 

Compared to other options, password managers have been proven to be the most secure way to manage online accounts and passwords.

You memorize one password, and it takes care of all the rest!

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2. Who it's for

who uses a pw manager
Who are they for?

Whether you have 50 online accounts or just have a few, a password manager is for everyone. It’s one of the biggest steps you can take to be more secure.

You won’t need to reuse any password, increasing your overall security.

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3. Why & When

Why use a pw manager
Why should I use it?

Let’s say you are a busy person and reuse the same password for your email, bank, and Facebook for simplicity (sound familiar?). When an attacker gets your password they can take over all 3 accounts.

Using a password manager prevents this possibility and that’s one less thing to worry about! 

Not only will a password manager help make you more secure, but you can save up to 50 hours every year!

When you use a password manager, you eliminate yourself as such an easy target.

when to use a pw manager
When should I use it?


Every password manager comes with a mobile app and browser extension to make it easy to quickly get and use your passwords.

You want to use your password manager everywhere, including:

  • Your computer
  • Your phone
  • Your tablet
  • Your browser
  • At work

What if someone gets my password?
Thanks to a technique called 2-factor authentication, even if a hacker gets your password they won’t be able to get in easily!

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4. Where & How

Where to get a password manager

After reviewing the top candidates from several sources, these 2 password managers are ranked the best. Each has a free version, and LastPass is the only one that offers to sync between devices in the free version

Bottom Line

If you want to spend $0 and have multiple devices, get LastPass.

If you want to spend $0 and only have one device such as a laptop or phone, get Dashlane.

If you want a great experience between all your devices, never have to fill out forms manually, and deal with easy to use interface, get Dashlane premium.

download dashlaneBest Paid Option- Download Dashlane

download lastpassBest free option- Download Lastpass

Now, it’s time to set up your password manager.

Video Tutorials


Install Dashlane

Install LastPass


Install Dashlane

Install LastPass

Next, Install mobile version

Now, head over to your phone or tablet, load up the app store and look for your password manager. There will be a mobile app you can install so you have your passwords on all your devices.

If your device has a fingerprint reader, you will have the option to load your password manager by inputting your fingerprint instead of typing your master password.

Now you’re all setup with a password manager, and one more step to good cyber security defenses.

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