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1. What it is

What is browser security?

What is browser protection?

So far, we’ve talked about password managers and anti-malware software. These defenses are good for your system but you need additional defenses for your browser.

Your browser defenses are just simple extensions you need to download and enable, which is what we will go over in this chapter.

Antimalware/Antivirus protects your operating system and files.

Browser Security protects you while surfing the web.

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2. Who it's for

who is browser protection for
Who is it for?

Anyone who uses Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other web browser.
Your browser is your main point of interaction with the internet and will need additional defenses in place to help keep you safe.

Everyone should have basic browser security extensions installed.

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3. Why & When

why use browser protection
Why should I use it?

  • These extensions help automatically protect you threats such as malicious pages, privacy, and security flaws.

  • Automatically block malicious pages before they load.
  • Experience fewer ads.
  • Get faster speeds while browsing online.


when to use browser protection
When should I use it?

Extensions for browser security should always be used to enhance the browsing experience and reduce your risk of malicious traps online.

Since they work automatically, you won’t even need to worry about it once you’ve set them up!

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4. Where & How

You will need the following:

  • Ad Block Plus
    Disconnect Private Browsing
    HTTPS Everywhere

All 3 of these work with any browser except for HTTPS Everywhere with doesn’t work with Safari, so just follow the link and install your copy!


TERM: Encryption- This is a way to scramble your data to make it hard to read or use for someone else.

Ad Block Plus

Protects you from unwanted ads

Protects your privacy while online.

https everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

Encypts your data to make it more secure

(Doesnt work with safari)

Now, it’s time to set up your browser extensions.

You will need the following things

1. Download and install these plugins

2. Enable your plugin

Just click enable after it is done installing.

3. Enjoy browsing again!

You can now browse knowing you are protected from malicious ads, and you now have some degree of privacy.

Now you’re all setup with your browser plugins, let’s talk about using a VPN or Proxy solution


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Next Chapter – VPN / Proxy



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