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1. What it is

what is antivirus?
What is Antivirus software?

Antivirus was created to protect you against known threats and viruses. A known threat is any virus that already has a fix, similar to getting a shot to prevent measles.

Antivirus is like giving your computer an immunity shot from existing threats.


what is antimalware?
What is Anti-Malware software?

Anti-malware was created to bridge the gap between known threats and unknown threats. Unknown threats are newer and more dangerous, such as ransomware or spyware.

What is the difference?

Anti-virus protects you from less dangerous and already known threats.

Anti-malware protects you against new and more dangerous threats.

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2. Who it's for

who is av for?
Who is Antivirus for?

Even a free version of antivirus software will protect you. It is not a magic solution; you must layer on protections to have the best defense.

Antivirus software is for every device and is the absolute minimum security you should have.


who is antimalware for?
Who is Antimalware for?

As the internet evolves, newer and more dangerous threats emerge.

Malware is unbiased and it will attack anybody and everybody, so antivirus alone is no longer a solution. Thinking you are not a target is a huge mistake. 

Use anti-malware as a second layer of defense together with an antivirus to have well-rounded protection.

Best pay option- Use an all-in-one security suite.

Best free option- Use antivirus and anti-malware.

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3. Why & When

why use antimalware
Why should I use it?

If you’re like most people you probably feel like your antivirus is enough. However, your antivirus can only protect against known threats.

A zero-day attack is a term used for a new type of malware or attack that is currently unknown. Think of it as a piece of malware released today for the first time, and is yet to be discovered.

If you only use antivirus you will never be protected against these types of threats, and you’ll never know if you are infected.

Use Antivirus to stay protected from yesterday’s known threats.

Use an anti-malware software to stay protected against today’s newest threats.

Purchase an all-in-one to stay protected from both.


when to use av
When should I use it?

A good rule of thumb is to scan your system every week. This means you need to open your anti-malware and hit “scan now” once every week.

Alternatively, you can schedule an automatic scan at a certain time or day. Enable this feature if you don’t want to worry about it yourself; however, make sure your system will be on during the time you specified.

  • Scan each file download before you open it.
  • Scan your whole system with your anti-malware software once a week to ensure protection.

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4. Where & How

Where to get anti-malware software

Free anti-malware software is a necessity for anyone using a device today.
Paid all-in-one software is always the best option.

birdefender#1 all-in-one- Free 30 day trial Download Bitdefender

Now it’s time to set up your anti-malware software.

You will need the following things

1. Download and install your chosen anti-malware

2. Run your new anti-malware

Double click or open your anti-malware to perform your first scan by pressing “Scan Now”

3. Setup scheduled scans

You can setup your antivirus to scan automatically, choose the day and time you want it to run. You can choose a time when you don’t need your device for the best results but ensure your device is switched ON at that time.

4. Check for updates regularly

Most anti-malware does this automatically, but sometimes it needs to be done manually. Open your anti-malware and click “Check for updates” at least once every week.

Now, you’re all set up with some anti-malware software, next we’ll talk about browser security!


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