Should I use a password manager

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Passwords may seem unnecessary, but after you consider the benefits you might think twice.
Should I use a password manager?

You may have heard about password managers a lot recently and with good reason. You might say that you remember your passwords just fine, but “should I use a password manager?”.

The number one reason you will be hacked is that you are too lazy to use strong passwords or take an hour to set up a password manager. 

Why should I use a password manager?

Everyone has many social media, email, bank, and other accounts, and naturally, each has its own login. Many times, people choose to re-use passwords or to make them similar so they are easy to remember.

The problem is that when one password is hijacked, other accounts become hijacked too. If you keep similar passwords, a simple program can determine what they are in a matter of minutes.

But wait, my browser saves passwords for me!

While there are secure browser plugins, you do not want Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to save your passwords. There is a security risk when you choose to have the browser do this for you instead of a password manager.

There are no excuses to avoid password managers because they are easy to set up. Simply install the password manager and it will collect your passwords as you use your computer.

Most find that password managers set itself up in a day or two as they use all their accounts. And just like any other application it only takes minutes to download and install.

The benefits of using a password manager include:

You only need to remember 1 password.
This is because you use a strong master password to lock all your other passwords in a virtual vault.

Log into your accounts easily.
When you have a password manager, there is a plugin for your browser that will automatically detect when you are logging in and complete the process for you.

Automatically make strong passwords.
The password manager makes it as simple as a few clicks to change passwords on most sites, and it will also generate a secure new password and remember it so you don’t need to.

Not just for passwords!
You can also store credit cards and other personal information securely. When you go to checkout online, simply enter your master password and it fills out the order form for you. This will save you so much time and hassle.

With the password manager doing all the hard work, you’ll save up to 50 hours every year from not having to worry about what your password is. So, what are you waiting for, it’s easy and many free options exist.

Are password managers safe?

The short answer is yes, if you have a strong master password. If a password or vault gets compromised, experts agree that the technology underlying them is strong enough to keep most hackers at bay.

So if a hacker has your master password, they’ll still need access to your cell phone or another account before they can get your other information!

So, should I use a password manager? Absolutely, because without one you make yourself an easy target for hackers.

Ready to get yours installed? check out our cyber security tutorial for beginners here.

The popular choices for password managers include


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