Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better Than Google?

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Many of us default to google or bing, but there are other search engine options that won't track you.
Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better than Google

Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better than Google?

Did you know when you search on Google it tracks and records what you’re searching, and sells that information to other parties that will use it to advertise customized services to you? Anonymous Search Engines are built around privacy and don’t collect information from you to sell. 

Anonymous Search Engines are built around privacy and don’t collect information from you to sell. 

Google services are popular because of how easy they can be used and they’re free. Remember that nothing is truly free and what you’re paying with is your personal information.

Private search engines are available and many of them list the same results that Google will list, without collecting your personal information to sell to other parties. By using a private search engine you limit the data Google will know about you, increasing your overall privacy.

These engines allow you to search your hearts intent without worrying about what a big company like Google will do with your information.

These Anonymous Search Engines are Better than Google:


DuckDuckGo is the number one choice for private search. DuckDuckGo does not track your searches and as created for people who love to remain anonymous. It does not taylor ads to you on your search pages and they’ve grown to over 10 million searches every day.

DuckDuckGo has many features such as saving your settings in the cloud, searching by region, search by category, and you can even customize the appearance with different colors.

DuckDuckGo is based in the U.S.


Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better than GoogleThe next option although less user-friendly has much more security is called Startpage. Startpage isn’t as pretty or easy to use as DuckDuckGo, but it’s based in the Netherlands which has good privacy laws. 

You cannot filter or customize your results is easily such as with DuckDuckGo but it does do a great job of returning the results that you would see normally in Google of the same search results.

One nifty feature about start page is you can use a proxy connection. What this means is instead of visiting a website you can view it by proxy from Startpage which means your device hasn’t loaded the webpage.

Proxy view prevents any website that you go to from knowing your identity or from retaining your IP address after you leave start page. Security is top notch, but loading time may be slower.


Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better than Google


Next up is privatelee.com another private search engine. Privatelee gives you the top results from the best search engines completely privately.

Privatelee doesn’t have as many options as the other ones listed here, but it’s straightforward and easy to use. Go check it out here.


Which Anonymous Search Engines are Better than Google


The last option is a company called searX. You can go to their website and use the service like you would any search engine.

The real benefit is that you can run it on your own machine ensuring control over your data. This allows the most privacy-minded individuals to have an effective search engine and still have control over their own data. It’s open source and easy to set up, you’ll also get to choose which search engines that it will use.

To choose the best option for you I recommend you navigate to each site and see which one you like. It may not be the same feel as Google, but the quality of information is the same, sometimes better.

Many of these services combine multiple search engines into one-page results. Typically, this means you get the front-page results of several sources instead of just from Google.

Make sure to share this with your friends, and let them get on the privacy train. 

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