What is Private Browsing in Google Chrome?

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When you use private mode, you have a more private browsing experience.
What is Private Browsing in Google Chrome?

What is Private Browsing in Google Chrome?

In this article, we’ll discuss what Incognito Mode is and what it can and can’t do for you. 

Do you use a shared computer? Perhaps you want to search for an embarrassing problem or want to plan a special day with someone and don’t want them to know. Maybe you just don’t want anyone to see your search history. 

what is private browsing in google chrome?What is incognito mode?

Private browsing in google chrome is a way you can add privacy to your web sessions. It hides the search history on your local device, but it does not hide what you do from your ISP, services like google or government agencies.

When in normal browsing mode, your information is easily accessible to services because of cookies and other indicators that your device freely gives away. Think of it like going to the grocery store, you can see what’s in other people’s baskets and they can see what’s in yours. In this case, your basket is full of what web sites you visited recently and other identifiable information. Cookies are left when you visit places online, which are digital footprints left in places you go online.

A cookie might sound delicious, but these cookies can help identify your device on the internet and are similar to leaving crumbs as evidence. Services such as Google use this information to sell you incredibly personal offers that sometimes you might ask “how does google know I like this?”.

what is private browsing in google chrome?

What Incognito Browsing Does:

There are several reasons to use private mode in google chrome, however, be warned that it does not provide security, and is only a way to keep your footprints private.

When buying airline tickets, use private mode to always have the lowest fare. Airlines routinely use your browser data to manipulate the prices you see. Private browsing prevents them from doing this, so you always see the lowest price!

Google won’t be able to track you so easily (but they still can!) so you won’t be seeing so many targeted ads. Targeted ads are those ads you see that make you ask yourself “how does google know I want that?”

Incognito mode doesn’t save information the same and web pages you visit, links you click, and passwords you use won’t be saved like they normally are. This is very useful on a shared device that many people share.

Open multiple accounts- usually, you can only be logged into one Facebook account for example. In private mode, you can open a new window and you and all your friends can be logged into Facebook. Or maybe you have more than one Facebook account.

what is private browsing in google chrome?What Incognito Mode Doesn’t Do:

Incognito mode doesn’t give you additional security and it does not hide your actions. It simply does not save what you have been doing to your local device. So when you go to look at your search history, no evidence will appear in the list.

It also does not provide any degree of anonymity. Your service provider, government agencies, and services such as google will still know what you’re doing online.

Protection- Private mode does not protect you from viruses, malware or other threat that exist online. You still need anti-malware defenses to protect yourself from these type of threats. 

To enable private browsing, simply click the menu next to your bookmarks tab. It looks like 3 dots in a vertical line. Under the menu that appears, click private browsing. See in the video below. (don’t see it? click here.)



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