Data Backup


What is data backup?


Data backup refers to making a copy of valued files. These may be your pictures, documents, movies, project files, and other important data.

A backup occurs when you copy your files to a USB drive, external hard drive, or to the cloud.

Prevent disaster

When the unthinkable happens
Maybe your computer crashes, maybe you get hacked. In any case, you'll still have your important files.

Never worry about photos

Your photos are irreplaceable.
By backing up your photos, you'll be able to rely on them to be there whenever you want.

Access from the cloud

Access your files from anywhere.
When you choose cloud storage such as google drive, you'll be able to access your files no matter where you are.

restore files

When a file becomes infected
You'll be able to grab the original file without loosing all your work.

who data backup

Who should use it?

You’ve done everything right; spent money a computer or device and install all the right software to stay protected.
Suddenly your device shuts off and won’t come back on.
How will you access your documents and important files? 

This scenario plays out more often than you think, and it’s a completely avoidable headache!

When you backup your data, you’ll have peace of mind if one of your devices fails you. 

Frequently asked questions

A good rule of thumb is to backup weekly. BUt this timeframe may differ for you. For the best possible result, backup files as they are created.

As long as the service is reputable and you remember your login information, choose whichever your are comfortable with. The most popular option is Google Drive because it’s free and has a suite of tools like google docs. 

Absoultely! The only time you’ll need to pay is if you need a bunch of space and upgrade the account. If you have a lot of data, you may consider an external hard drive instead as it has no monthly cost. 

Where to get it

The best free option is google drive because of how easy it is to use. You get 15GB of storage for free or 100GB for $2 per month if you need more.

Mega offers a great service too, you get 50GB for free. or 200GB starting at $6.50 per month with 200GB of storage.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account.

Create a google drive account – 15GB free

Create a Mega account – 50GB Free

How to install and use

  1. After you have signed up, simply open up google drive either on your browser or you can download the app. Find your photos, documents, and other files and copy them to your new cloud storage.
  2. Enjoy peace of mind


That’s it! Be sure to copy important files regularly to minimize your risk of losing them.

Now, even if you get hit by ransomware, you can rest easy knowing you still have your data.


Wow!! You have laid the foundation for a secure device. Now repeat these steaps with all of your devices to keep yourself safe.

ch 5 done


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