Cyber security training for beginners

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Are you interested in working in cyber security? Find out how to get started.
Cyber security training for beginners

Are you tired of hearing about cyber security every day and not learning anything new about it?

What is cyber security, why does it apply to me, and how can I get started? In this article, we will show you how to get started with cyber security training for beginners. 

What is cyber security and who is it for?

Cyber-security is a set of tools and practices to protect devices and the information from viruses and hackers on the internet.

It means- preventing unauthorized use of your digital life including files, identity, and devices that you use.

It’s like an umbrella that protects you from the rain, and with cyber security, it’s raining all the time.

Today, everyone needs basic cyber security and you can start today with our guide.

Think about all the things you do on your computer. You store your photos, documents, music, and games while also having online banking or using credit cards for online shopping. These are all things that a cybercriminal wants to get from you because it has value to them.

New types of threats emerge each day that affects millions of consumers like you or even causes disruptions to large companies with IT staff. The facts say that nobody is immune and that the only defense is to be proactive and learn basic cyber security practices.

Imagine getting hit by ransomware because you didn’t know how to scan a file or link before opening it. Your antivirus software isn’t a magic solution and therefore can only do part of the job; you must learn some basic skills to fill in the gap.

But I don’t know a lot about technology!

Cyber-security may feel like a challenging topic especially if you aren’t familiar with technology. The truth is that you don’t need to know every detail on how things work; you only need to know what tools to use and how to use them effectively.

Is there any cyber-security training for beginners?

Yes! We’ve developed a brand-new tutorial for people just like you who may not know much about their devices. We’ve left out out complex language while using simple analogies to create a short and concise tutorial. 

What will I learn with your cyber security training for beginners?

Instead of learning all the technical jargon associated with these topics, our cyber security training for beginners tutorial takes you through setting up these 5 defenses:

  1. Password management– How to finally stop using weak passwords.
  2. Anti-malware– How to pick protection that works.
  3. Browser security– How to get back your privacy.
  4. VPN– How to securely use the internet.
  5. Data Backup– How to get backup your files.

Our tutorial has 10-minute segments to get you going fast. Finish in less than an hour!

You’ll have a great understanding of basic cyber security and have the tools in place to keep you safe when you finish.

Start your first 10-minute lesson now.

Cyber Security Training for beginners



Other resources:
Heimdal Security offers a great 5-week course for free, check it out here.

Matt Crosby

Matt Crosby

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